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Rodnei Ultra. Odiseea: mountain running competition in one of the most spectacular National Parks in Romania: Rodnei Mountains. Glacial lakes, peaks over 2000m, alpine hollows, or dense coniferous forests.


100km, 7100 +/-, 5 ITRA POINTS (categ XL)

Alpina Blazna (start) – Sant – Curatel – V. Vinului – Saca – Intre Aniese – Aniesul Mic – La Carti – Buhaescu Mare (2268) -Pietrosu Rodnei (2303)- Tauri Buhaiescu- V. Repede – La Carti – banda rosie – Ineu (2279) – Lala – Ineut (2222) – Rosu (2113) – Alpina Blazna (finish).

Start 18.09.2021 at 00:00; cut off time 30h

Mandatory condition: at least one mountain ultramarathon completed in the last 2 years!

Route difficulty*: 10/12


50km, 4100 +/-, 3 ITRA POINTS (categ M)

Alpina Blazna (start) – Sant – Curatel – V. Vinului-Poarta lui Benes-Corongis-Omului-Cisa-Coasta Neteda-Ineu-Lala-Ineut-Rosu-Alpina Blazna.

Start 18.09.2021 at 07:00; cut off time 15h

Mandatory condition: experience in mountain running!

Route difficulty*: 9/12


29km, 2400+/-, 1 ITRA POINTS (categ S)

Alpina Blazna-Sant-Curatel-Valea Vinului-Ineu-Lala-Ineut-Rosu-Cobasel-Alpina Blazna.

Start 18.09.2021 at 09:00; cut off time 9h

Route difficulty*: 10/12


5km, 1000+, categorie XXS ITRA

Alpina Blazna – Vf Rosu (2113m). 5km cu 1000+ elevation gain. Finish at Rosu Peak !

Start 17.09.2021 at 11:00; cut off time 2h

Route difficulty*: 12/12

* the difficulty of the route is a parameter from 1 to 12 established by ITRA (International Trail Running Association) and is based on values such as the average altitude at which the competition takes place,% of slope inclination, and the longest continuous climb.

If you plan to participate in UTMB (Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc) in 2022, know that our competitions help you collect points for the most important world mountain running event in the world.

RODNEI ULTRA. ODISEEA – UTMB qualifying race

Rodnei Ultra. Odiseea 100k Profile

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Rodnei Grand Raid 50k Profile

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Rodnei Tour 29k Profile

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Rodnei Ultra. Odiseea.