Alpina Blazna touristic complex is the perfect place to spend your holidays in the mountains, during any season. That’s why we’ve chosen it as the START/FINISH place for the Rodnei Ultra. Odiseea adventure.

The tourist complex is located in Valea Blaznei in the Rodnei Mountains, at elevation 1100. The landscape that is revealed to nature and mountain lovers is absolutely beautiful. The mountain, the landscape, the Dacian baths, the swimming pool with clear water, and the SPA center are just a few things that will make our competition a memorable event.

Adventure park, zipline, bouldering wall.

Your family or partners can spend a few hours full of suspense, at height, the adventure park being built over 200 meters of workshops. They consist of bridges and suspended platforms, between trees, in some areas they are raised even to nine meters above the ground.

Do you know any better food recipe than the traditional Transylvanian one?

We bet you don’t. The traditional dishes, cooked according to recipes specific to the area and using only natural ingredients, are the secret of the kitchen of the Alpina Blazna Tourist Complex. Those who wish, can cook their own grilled dishes on the special outdoor grill or, why not, try cooking in a cauldron, under the careful supervision of the chefs.

*Starting with the 1st of May 2021 you’ll be able to make a limited number of reservations for the ALPLINA BLAZNA start/finish point.